Below is the bible reading schedule for reading the complete New Testament in 2019


Below are a list of employment opportunities that are available at the moment.  We strongly urge you to apply as soon as possible so that you may have a chance:

  • St. Louis Cardinals Apply HERE
  •  Qdoba  Apply HERE
  • Panda Express Apply HERE
  • White Castle.  To apply text 56379 on your phone.
  • Taco Bells are also hiring. You need to apply in person on Tuesdays between 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m..

Additional Resources Requests

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Below is a list of places to receive free meals.  This is the most up to date version we have at this time but will update when the information becomes available.

As well, there is a schedule of Homeless advocates.  This is for reference only and schedules and locations will change from time to time due to holidays and weather.

You can request a copy of this schedule by filling out the additional Resources form.